The Mount Royal Community Association’s (MRCA) constitution has been reviewed, & there are a few changes to the text of the bylaws that are being proposed (attached below in pdf format).

These changes will be voted on at the upcoming Mount Royal Community Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday October 3rd at 7pm at Mount Royal Collegiate cafeteria.

MRCA Articles 2016 proposed changes for AGM [2016Sept] – document in pdf format


Proposed changes in bylaws:

1.  Bylaws 3.1 – up to 20 for executive, take out member at large of 6.

2.  All wording “constitution” will change to “Articles & Bylaws”

3.  All wording “board” will be changed to “executive”

4.  Bylaw 4.2 – changing to align with Bylaw 5.3.3

5.  Bylaw 5.2.1 Special Meeting – for clarity on who the special meeting is for.

6.  Bylaw 5.2.5 – special meetings – had maximum but didn’t have minimum notice.

7.  Bylaw 5.3.1 – changing to align with Bylaw 3.3

8.  Bylaw 8.3 – changing as we don’t always have these positions all filled. More flexibility.

9.  Bylaw 10.2 – to align to Non-profit organization rules.

MRCA Articles 2016 proposed changes for AGM [2016Sept] – explanation


Proposed Changes To MRCA Bylaws