2017 September Newsletter Update on the Sound Wall in Mount Royal:


Criminal activity has been taking place between the Sound Attenuation Wall & the trees along the barrier strip that runs from 31st Street to 29th Street.  This discovery was made one evening in June by a resident who noticed smoke behind the wall.

There are several places where “squatters” have located themselves in the trees.  There’s drug activity taking place as evidenced by syringes & needles being found.  Condoms, underwear & an infant onesie have been found.  There is graffiti.  There has been at least 1 fire.

This activity is being investigated & monitored by the following departments & organizations:

  • Saskatoon Police Service
  • Citizen Patrol (volunteer group from Mount Royal)
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Community Standards (Bylaw Inspection)
  • Mount Royal Community Association
  • Mayor Charlie Clark & Councillor Troy Davies are both aware of the situation

The graffiti on both sides of the wall has been removed.  The area has been cleaned 3 times to date. Ongoing surveillance is being carried out by Saskatoon Police Service & Citizen Patrol patrolling the area until this criminal activity is curtailed.

Work to extend the Sound Attenuation Wall south to the berm has begun.  A section of the wall (about 2 house lots wide) will be transparent for safety reasons as the pedestrian connection to the 29th Street Underpass is located in this area.

It’s important to report any & all crime to the Saskatoon Police Service at 306-975-8300

If you’re concerned about the sound wall or any other issue in Mount Royal, we encourage you to attend the Mount Royal Community Association’s AGM (annual general meeting) on Monday October 16th at 7pm (in the cafeteria at Mount Royal Collegiate).  Everyone is welcome to ask questions to our 3 guest speakers:


  1. Bruce the Deputy Director from SCAN (Safer Communities & Neighbourhoods Investigation Unit)
    CONCERNED WITH CRIME? The Deputy Director of SCAN will update us on crime in our area, & has suggestions on how to deal with & prevent it.
  2. Sound Walls
    HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR ISSUES WITH THE SOUND WALLS? There will be a representative from Transportation & Utilities Administration (City of Saskatoon) in regards to the 2017 Sound Wall Attenuation Project. Bring your questions & concerns & have them answered!
  3. Troy Davies – City Councillor for Ward 4
    HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CITY OF SASKATOON? Troy will update us on city projects, concerns about our community & answer questions.