Volunteer Year Round


Come & Join Us!

If you have some time to volunteer, please contact us!

Join us at our regular monthly meetings held on the first Monday of each month at Mount Royal Collegiate at 7pm. Come be part of planning our programs, social events & meeting your neighbours!  Our next monthly meetings are on April 3, May 1 & June 5th 2017..  There are no meetings planned for the summer.

Your Mount Royal Community Association needs volunteers. We have many things that can be done such as organizing classes, delivering newsletters, contacting people, writing for the newsletter, teaching classes, planning activities, coordinating events, BBQ at events, office work, supervising skating at the rink…..

We’d love to have more volunteers help us with our upcoming Mount Royal Community Day on Saturday June 10th, 2017.

The time commitment is all up to you. We appreciate any time that you can devote to your neighbourhood, whether it is a couple hours a month or once a year, we can find something for you to become involved with.

The rewards can be great: you get to meet your neighbours, new friends, you have a sense of accomplishment, you get to have a real input into the workings of your city & your community. And the city rewards volunteers with an invitation to volunteer appreciation events that are fun.

Let us know if you are interested.

Or do you have some ideas for an event or activity that you’d like to see in Mount Royal? Please let us know. We’re open to new ideas!

Thank you! We appreciate your help! Please contact us by email or phone at:

Email:  mountroyalcommunity@gmail.com

Phone:  Nicky at 306-382-1457 or Larry at 306-384-3426

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