Hello and welcome to yet another edition of New Casino Sites 2018’s impactful casino tips and hints. This time we are going to enlighten you by telling you everything that there is to know about free spins. There are certainly more to free spins than meets the eye, so you can expect to be dazzled by every new small tidbit of information that we are going to give you.

This article is especially helpful to those of you who do not know anything about free spins. After all, we must remember that even though online casinos are all the rage nowadays, there is still a great percentage of people who haven’t yet dipped their toes into everything that these games can offer. At this site, we do not want to leave these people out as they are those who naturally need our guidance the most. So, for all the so-called newbies out there, this one’s definitely for you as well!

What Are Free Spins

First things first—what are free spins? Well, they are the casino’s way of letting you spin the reels of slots machines free of charge. Plain and simple. With free spins you have the opportunity to win money even though you are not using any of your own, which makes things all the more amazing. Normally, you’ll be paying anything from 10p to £50 per spin, but here you can just keep your wallet tucked into your back-pocket.

Where Do I Get Free Spins

There are actually a number of ways to get free spins—and there are even plenty of different kinds of free spins as well. Let us go through these one by one.

No deposit free spins

You will get these kinds of free spins from some online casinos by just creating an account. However, not a lot of casinos are willing to give you anything for free, which is completely understandable. Playing with no deposit free spins could actually lead into you winning loads of cash without investing or risking any of your own.

More often than not casinos will impose specific winning caps and high wagering requirements on no deposit free spins to make it harder for you to win, but it can still happen if you’re lucky enough. Heck, why wouldn’t you try? They are free after all.

Deposit free spins

The most common way of getting your hands of free spins is by making a deposit at an online casino. About three out of four online casinos that we have seen are giving you free spins in addition to their other deposit bonuses. These free spins are actually only half-free, because they are more like extra for your deposit instead of something that is given to you completely pro bono. As a result, though, these free spins are often easier to turn into real money than your average no deposit free spins would be, even though there might still be some tough wagering requirements in place.

Nowadays, however, more and more casinos are switching to entirely wager-free free spins where you will get to keep everything that you win straight away. This change is happening mainly because there are simply so many casinos out there competing for people’s affection. No casino can take their customers for granted if what they’re offering is not good enough.

Bonus feature free spins

This must be the last type of free spins that there is. And it just might be the most electrifying and entertaining type as well.

Let’s face it—online slots can be pretty freakin’ great these days. We have dubbed them audiovisual adventures here before, and we think that is still one of the best ways to describe them. They are just on another level when compared to games of the past.

One of the coolest thing about these modern games is that they are offering you all of these incredible bonus features. One of these bonus features would be so-called free spins. Generally, these are not like your ordinary no deposit free spins or even free spins that you get from depositing. Instead, these are very special free spins that will trigger once specific conditions are met. Oftentimes, you have to spin three of the so-called Scatter symbols onto your screen to get your hands on these free spins.

What makes these bonus feature free spins so sweet, is that most games will give you some extra wilds or extra multipliers to go along with them. So, not only do you not have to pay, these free spins are also powered up by a plethora of extra goodies as well—not to mention the visual fanfare and the special music that you will probably be enjoying when you are using these spins. These free spins are just like magic and they will most definitely keep you coming back for more.