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One of the reasons why the team at New Casino Sites 2018 is so fond of online casino gaming nowadays is the sheer number of online casino bonuses on offer. New casinos are giving you dozens of cool bonuses to enhance your gaming experience and to brighten your day. In this article, we will be taking a look at what some of the modern bonuses look like, why casinos are giving them away, and more. Stay with us and you’re guaranteed to learn a thing or two!

Why Are Casinos Giving Away Real Money

Well, to be honest, online casinos are not really giving away real money. Instead, they are giving you more and more chances to win real money with their bonus money and other extras. The newer the casino, the more they are probably pampering you with new bonuses, campaigns and competitions.

The reason why there are so many new casino bonuses out there for you to enjoy, is that every casino wants to have a lot of customers. Casino bonuses have become the way to attract more customers to sign up at online casinos. It is much like when someone rides a donkey and is waving a carrot in the donkey’s face to make it run faster. If we are given a huge casino bonus when signing up and depositing at a new casino, we will definitely be running ourselves.

There are plenty of casinos opening up shop each month, which means that everyone has had to up their game to a point where bonuses and welcome offers have become extremely lucrative. There are endless amounts of different offers out there that are just simply too good to pass up. However, these kinds of bonuses are still a bit more rare than we’d hope for them to be, as a lot of casinos are only trying to talk up their bonuses. They do this so you wouldn’t notice that their bonuses are actually not that good when you look at all the bonus terms and conditions behind them.

Long story short: casinos are giving you great bonuses to tempt you into signing up with them instead of their competitors. It is all about business.

What Kind of New Casino Bonuses Are Available

Firstly, you have to understand and realise that a lot of the casino bonuses today are pretty darn good. This is due to the fact that competition is so tough. Oftentimes you wouldn’t even believe how great some of these bonuses are, but you can truly find some real winners there. And if you’re looking for bonuses, the biggest deposit bonuses are found on Zamsino UK website.

No deposit bonuses

One of the coolest type of bonuses is so-called no deposit bonuses. These bonuses do not require you to make a deposit at all, which means that you are basically getting free bonus money or free spins right after registering an account. Yes, this is truly how desperate some casinos are to have you join them—they are willing to tempt you with bonus money even if it means that you can win big without risking any of your own cash.

Of course, more often than not, no deposit bonuses have high wagering requirements, which makes it hard for you to actually walk away with real money. Still, no one is forcing you to play with your own money, so even if you don’t manage to convert, say, free spins into real cash, you are still not losing a penny. And, if you try every no deposit bonus that you can find, your chances to win without depositing increase dramatically. It only takes a few lucky spins to make it.

Free spins bonuses

Traditional free spins are only half-free, as you have to make a deposit in order to get them. Even so, some casinos are giving you quite a few free spins, even hundreds of them, for you to use and try some cool new slots. Again, you should really thank the ongoing competition in the industry for making some of these free spins offers so good. Some casinos are even giving you free spins that are wager free and can consequently be turned into real-cash winnings rather easily.

Deposit bonuses

Lastly, we have to talk about deposit bonuses. These bonuses have gone up in the past few years as well. The bonus percentages are most often something between 25% and 400%. The 400% bonuses are still kind of rare, but they really give you your money’s worth. More specifically, depositing only £20 with a bonus like this will allow you to spin the reels as if you had deposited £100. So, even with just a small deposit, you can end up playing for a very long time. You certainly didn’t have bonuses like these 5 years ago!

Go Get Yourself a Bonus And Enjoy

Why don’t you go and have some fun at a casino of your liking? Just remember to always read the bonus terms and conditions to know what you are getting into! Some bonuses are just wolves in sheep’s clothing, so watch out!